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Second Life Virtual World

What is second life?. It is an online virtual game developed entirely by its membership. SL was created and launched by Linden lab. This online virtual game was officially launched on June 23rd of 2003. Linden Lab is an American private internet company, which very known because of the creation of this amazing online virtual game. Linden Lab was founded on 1999 by Philip Rosedale, which is also the CEO of the company.

The second life virtual community is a game were its members assume an identity and take a residence in this virtual game world. The members, also known as residents of this virtual game have the availability to create and customized their own avatar to represent themselves. They can meet other residents, socialize, explore the world and participate on group or individual activities. The residents have the option to trade and create services and virtual property with other members, join clubs, attend classes, start businesses, etc.

The virtual world also known as virtual community is an online community, which takes the form of a computer simulated environment through which the users are able to interact with each other and create and use objects. The virtual community term has become largely associated with 3D interactive virtual environments mostly on virtual games. The users of an online community use the form of an avatar, which is visible to others. The avatars appears as two-dimensional or three-dimensional representations. Virtual games allow multiple users and one user. These games are mostly based on the following: Superheroes, science fiction, horror, sports, etc.

Simulation games are simulations of a variety of activities from real life. This comes in the form of a game for various purposes such as: Analysis, prediction or training. In simulation games there are not strictly goals defined on the game. Some examples of these types of games are: Business games, role play simulation, war games and flight simulator. The International Simulation and Gaming Association also known as ISAGA is an international organization that units professionals from around the globe and from diverse disciplines, which are engage in the design, research, gaming application, simulations and other related methodologies. The related methods are: Computer simulation, role play, virtual reality, experimental learning, active learning, structured experiences and game theory. This international organization excluded Gambling from their interest.

The second life events are divided in three types. These events are: Mixed reality, live performances and streamed. The mixed reality has live video, which is streamed into SL. This event includes feedback via voice chat or text from the audience of the virtual game. Live performance events are real time. An artist or a presenter will be providing content via voice or text. They have the option to manage their avatar live or another person can also do it for them. This type of event is mostly used for group presentations. Streamed is an event which pre recorded or streamed with a small delay from real life to the game. For music and real life events is where you can often find the usage of this event.

The second life society is known to have a large variety, where you can find different races, types of employers, interests, ages, etc. The second life fashion is very decorative and stylish. Users have the chance to add different types of fashion to their avatars. They are able to change their personality and add style. The second life news are always provided to their residents on a daily basis. Here, at slinworldtoday.com you will find all information regarding this amazing virtual game.

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